Past Visitors

Each year, the Northern California World Trade Center and Global Ties San Francisco host more than 1,000 international visitors through international exchanges. Many of these visitors are leaders and emerging leaders invited to the United States at the auspices of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Here are some of the international delegations we’ve hosted in the past year:


STEM Education

Participants focused on education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), which is vital to Timor‑Leste’s future contributions to the regional and global economy. The delegation was able to meet with the California County of Education as well as the California Department of Education to discuss STEM education for K-12 students. Later, they met with the UC David STEM Center to further their understanding of the future of STEM education.

U.S. Food Policy, Trade, and Safety Issues

This project examined the intersection of U.S. policies on international trade, sustainable agriculture, and consumer health and safety in support of economic development and enhancing global health. This European delegation met with everything from the California Senate Committee on Agriculture to the UC Davis Horticulture Innovation Lab to the Agriculture Sustainability Institue. These meetings worked towards helping participants understand the political, social, economic, and environmental forces that influence U.S. agriculture trade policies. On their last day, the enjoyed a wine tasting in Napa County.

Performing Arts Centers in the U.S.

This programs hosted a group from China. The project learned about how performing arts centers in the U.S. are organized, operated, and obtain funding support as well as learned about how performing arts centers work to identify their communities’ needs. From meetings with Broadway Sacramento and the B Street Theater, this group was able to explore local performing arts theaters and see how the community supports the arts in Sacramento.