Upcoming Visitors

Each year, the Northern California World Trade Center and Global Ties San Francisco host more than 1,000 international visitors through international exchanges. Many of these visitors are leaders and emerging leaders invited to the United States at the auspices of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Here are some of the upcoming international delegations:

September 2019

U.S. – Korean Free Trade Agreement 

  • September 4-7: A regional project from South Korea, this project works towards exploring the role of the U.S. in the international trade agreement with Korea as well as examining current local, state, and federal initiatives in international trade and export promotion (Sacramento).

21st Century Change Makers: Informational Technology Leaders Explore Cyber Security Strategies 

  • September 14-18: This program hosts visitors from Multiple Regions. The goal of this program is for the individuals to examine and have a develop a deeper understanding of the economic and policy frameworks of cybersecurity within the rights and responsibilities of the government and officials that through public and private sector visits in the Sacramento area. 

    Global Government to Government Partnership

    • September 14-18: This program hosts a visitor from Japan. The goal of this program is for the individual to gain more knowledge and understanding of how global relations are implemented within the Greater Sacramento Area both on a local and international level as well as have a deeper understanding of the successful pension reserve management.