The NorCalWTC is distinguished by the programming services and cultural experiences it provides for international visitors. We run one of the nation’s most active Councils for International Visitors, hosting over 800 visiting diplomats from around the globe each year. As a partner of the U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program, we ensure that the value of the relationships built through these interactions is immense. In addition, we plan professional programs for international students participating in programs such as Fulbright and the Humphrey Fellowship.

Delegations consist of international members of Parliament, European Union officials, foreign cabinet members and staff, university professors, business leaders and more. Common program themes addressed in Sacramento include Government and Public Policy, Water Resources, Disaster Management, Food Safety and Agriculture, Economics, and Natural Resources. Our distinctive status as a Council for International Visitors opens the door for our members to gain unique perspectives and mutually beneficial relationships through international exchanges that take place right here in the greater Sacramento region.