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The NorCalWTC has an enviable international reputation as a World Trade Center that grows trade and advances diplomacy. When we reach out, World Trade Centers, trade offices, trade diplomats, and corporate executives take notice. Whether you’re an international business professional, trade service provider, civic leader or community member, the NorCalWTC has a membership level to help you connect and prosper, globally.

Whether you’re an international business professional, trade service provider, civic leader or community member, the NorCalWTC has a membership level to help you connect and prosper, globally.

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Our members benefit from our growth services and extensive business networks…

Our members have access to high-value trade forums, targeted export growth services, and a wide network of international business leaders, foreign buyers, service providers, and trade officials. Member benefits include:


What Our Members Are Saying…

  • Martin and Dren are two very interesting guys and we talked until it was dark and time for them to leave.  They have such interesting stories about the history of their countries and their live in person experiences. Glenn and I enjoy these visits with people from other countries. It makes for a lively conversation, and we learn so many things from them. It feels as though we have traveled to a foreign place for a little while.  Much better than going to the movies.

    Gwen Tilton
    Home Host, International Exchanges
  • Participating in NorCalWTC programs, such as the International Marketing Professionals program and the International Business Luncheon has enabled me, as a newcomer to Sacramento, to grow my circle of internationally-oriented, like-minded business colleagues, increase my networking and expand my outreach, on behalf of SMF airport, to local stakeholders. Being a member of NorCalWTC has been an invaluable tool for me to achieve my professional goals during the first year in my position with the airport.

    Mark Haneke
    Air Service Development Marketing Manager, Sacramento International Airport (SMF)
  • I wanted to let you know I thought the Letter of Credit seminar was incredibly beneficial and how happy my team is that WTC reached out to us to attend.  Not knowing what we might learn from the seminar we only sent one person, but would definitely send one or two more to a future seminar.  The information was invaluable, and the setup, food, etc were all excellent. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you at future events.

    Kaycee Shreeve
    Operations and Support, California Pavement Maintenance Co., Inc., dba Rayner Equipment Systems
  • The reason I love this [International Marketing Professionals] group is because I really feel like I know people with international expertise whom I can call up for advice when I have a marketing emergency.

    Diana Erwin
    Communications + Marketing Director, Miyamoto International
  • As a manufacturer of printing equipment that gets exported globally, the Nor Cal WTC has been a great resource for us. We particularly enjoy the Exporter Roundtable luncheons. There is so much to learn in the world of exporting, especially when dealing with so many different countries, that we always learn something new. It’s been great to hear from the expert guest speakers and network with others in the area.  The connections are great and we all share experiences and learn from each other.

    Leandra Wilson
    Director of Strategic Operations & HR, Harris & Bruno International
  • The work you and your associates have done to successfully bring a tour into our pilot plant has matured into an excellent relationship with some Chinese business associates.  They are quite interested in our products and how they can repair damaged farmlands. Thank you once again for all your excellent work!

    Dennis Amoroso
    President, Advanced Materials Processing Inc.
  • The value of membership with the NorCalWTC was immediately proven by the contacts we have made via their International Visitors program.  The connections we developed and the value of the networking opportunity easily saved several days of international travel, which more than paid for our membership. It’s easy to get isolated in the world of exporters and the ability to get connected to other exporters is a huge, huge help.

    Kevin Mather
    VP International Business, PASCO Scientific

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