Home Host Application

Thank you for your interest in the Northern California World Trade Center’s home hospitality program. Home hospitality dinners often make the biggest impact on the international visitors because they create opportunities for more one-on-one conversation and a deeper appreciation for the commonalities of life. Whether a summer barbeque, shared dinner with friends or simple family supper, these visits often lead to long-term friendships and offer a welcoming window for visitors while they’re in the U.S. and for hosts who travel abroad.

You may host an entire group, or a pair of visitors. If the visitor(s) do not speak English, the Northern California World Trade Center will arrange for an interpreter to accompany your guest(s) for the evening. Visitors may have dietary or other restrictions. This information will be provided to you in advance by our office.



    Please note the following terms:
    HOME HOSPITALITY means hosting visitor(s) for dinner one evening in your home.
    HOME STAY means hosting visitor(s) for overnight stays in your home.

    Are you interested in hosting guests for a home stay? *YesNo


    Household Composition - Please indicate the # of:

    Does anyone smoke in your home? *YesNo

    Do you allow smoking inside or outside your home? *Yes - smoking insideYes - smoking outsideNo smoking allowed

    Most of the time visitors do not have transportation to/from their hotel. Would you, or a guest to your dinner, be able to provide the group transportation to and from the hotel they are staying at in downtown Sacramento?

    Transportation *YesNo

    I certify that I have a valid driver’s license and car insurance, and will provide copies of these documents when requested *YesNo

    Do you have pets? *YesNo

    Dietary Considerations *Gluten freeLactose freeVegetarianVeganHalalKosher

    Please include a short biography (5-6 sentences or less) of you (and your family members-if applicable). Feel free to discuss your interest in international relations/cultures, your hobbies, and/or your profession


    Additional Information

    How are hosts evaluated? * I agree and will comply

    We appreciate that our hosts are volunteers and that they are genuinely interested in welcoming international visitors. At the same time, we seek to protect the interests of our visitors as well as our hosts. All international visitors will be asked to provide informal feedback on their experience with hospitality. In the case of negative feedback, NorCalWTC will evaluate whether additional support or guidance will remedy the situation. If guidance can improve future occasions of hospitality, NorCalWTC will provide specific suggestions, feedback, and further information to the hosts. If NorCalWTC believes that the hosts are not willing to address the issues raised by the visitors, or are not willing or able to contribute in a positive way to the visitors’ experience in the U.S., NorCalWTC will not grant the hosts further hosting privileges.

    Media and Social Networking * I agree and will comply

    Please keep in mind that the safety or reputation of international visitors may be in jeopardy if their names, job titles, and other identifiers such as photos and videos are posted on social networking sites. It is the responsibility of each host to get individual consent from all hosted guests before posting any information on a social networking site or publishing an article.

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