A GLOBAL TRADE OUTLOOK: Doing Business In Mexico, China, and Japan

Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH and DISCUSSION with a U.S. Foreign Service Commercial Diplomat and International Trade Expert to learn about the global trade outlook and how you can enhance your business stability by understanding the impact of trade negotiations.

The purpose of this discussion is to provide an International Trade Expert’s outlook and perspective on California global trade. Guest speaker, Dale Wright, was a Deputy Director with the former California World Trade Commission and Food and Agriculture Export Program. He demonstrated his expertise in International Trade Promotion for 35 years and was a Commercial Diplomat for 16 years. In this discussion, Dale will go in-depth in his experience in trading with Mexico, China, and Japan. In addition, he will discuss the North American Free trade Agreement (NAFTA); past, present, and future.

Space is limited. Contact Michelle Nguyen at 916-563-3200 for more information or email her at NguyenC2@losrios.edu.