Cross Border e-Commerce

The Fastest Growing Channel for Consumer Goods, Globally


During COVID-19 total retail sales declined by 14%. However, total e-commerce has grown 18% and cross border e-commerce has grown 21%. Industry experts are calling this “3 years in 3 months,” meaning they have seen three years of e-commerce growth in just three months, due to people shopping on line during the coronavirus.

This webinar will help you gain information on:

  • Best markets to target and markets for long-term growth
  • How to get your products merchandised on e-commerce platforms
  • How to set prices and position your products
  • Understanding of the transaction process
  • Promotional strategies and tactics that fit the various platform channels



Trade Outlook pre- and post-COVID-19, Current Global Trends and Export Marketing Strategies

The Cross Border E-Commerce Opportunity

  • Market size, growth rates, and leading platforms (T-mall,, Lazada, Shopee, PDD, Flipkart, other)
  • Top product categories and benefits of selling on cross border as opposed to other channels

How Cross Border E-Commerce Works

  • On-boarding options, display and localization
  • Cross border logistics – from order receipt to fulfillment and payments

Which Channels and Platforms are the Best Fit for my Products and Strategy

  • Breakdown of the processes and typical costs for each platform
  • Channel partners, logistics providers and other resources needed to succeed

Promotion, Pricing and Positioning for Cross Border E-Commerce

  • Promotion – chat commerce and other digital advertising
  • Pricing, peak selling periods, discounts and sales promotion

Q&A with Expert Panel