Global Connections Education

World Trade Center Northern California offers Global Connections, a virtual international leadership program for high school and college students. Participating in this 4-week course, students will gain diplomatic skills, leadership experience, international exposure and make important career-enhancing connections.

Participants will have the opportunity to increase their global and cultural awareness, engage with emerging international leaders, and build new relationships.

Program Description

A four-week virtual course for students to enhance leadership and diplomatic skills and make important global connections.

Participants will:

  • Engage with emerging international leaders who have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program to gain insight into cultural, political and economic differences and similarities around the world
  • Meet with representatives from the various international careers and the international exchange network regarding potential career paths
  • Learn valuable public speaking, leadership skills and hone research and writing skills
  • Expand their networks and connections around the world
  • Students will dedicate approximately 5-8 hours each week to the program, which will include virtual Q&A sessions, leadership exercises, research, reading and oral presentations.

The program runs from July 13-August 7, 2020.

Who is eligible to participate?

The program is open to high school and college students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and an interest in global affairs, international relations and/or international business. Students will need access to a computer or laptop and internet access. To benefit most from the program, it is suggested students commit to a minimum of 5 hours per week. There is no cost to participate in this program.

Submission process to participate:

Click here to apply. Please complete the application form and submit by July 8, 2020.
Contact Kim Todd at with any questions or for more information.

Week 1
Introduction / Meet your Cohort

  • Focus on teamwork and bonding exercises
  • Communication strategies
  • Setting goals / defining areas of interest for Capstone Report

Week 2-3
Expanding Global Connections

  •  Virtual sessions with IVLP alumni
  • Alumni will be from a variety of countries – participants will research the country of origin and learn something new (cultural, political systems, history, economy) prior to sessions
  • Alumni will represent various industries – participants will research the industries to gain insight into operations in that country (i.e. green energy, agricultural innovation, etc.)
  • Sessions will be facilitated by WTCNC staff, although, participants will prepare questions and practice their public speaking and engagement skills
  • Virtual sessions with representatives from various international careers
  • Sessions will provide international career options and methods for achieving those positions
  • Sessions will include sessions with Global Ties Emerging Leaders
  • Virtual sessions with US industry representatives
  • Meetings will be arranged with representatives from the same industries as the IVLP alumni, so participants can learn about similarities/differences in how the US operates compared to other countries
  • On-going research about various countries/industries/international careers
  • Exploration of different governmental structures around the world
  • Focus on increasing cultural knowledge and fluency
  • Discuss current global events

Week 4
Capstone Week

  •  Synthesis of lessons
  • Participants submit written report and present oral reports to their Cohort