Foreign Exchange Risk Mitigation Recap

Online participants and business exporters such as an international fleet sales group, advanced manufacturers, a recycling business, and a coating company for large scale projects gathered in Walnut Creek, California, today in order to learn from Michael Bourke, a managing partner at Bannockburn Global Forex.  Michael shared his knowledge about reducing the cost to companies during foreign transactions and managing exchange payments between international companies.

These are a few highlights from the discussion:

  • Currency markets are extremely volatile
  • Understand and identify your currency exposures, and make sure everyone in your company understands those exposures
  • Introducing foreign currency exposure/hedging into your day-to-day dealings should not be a concern or preventive to reviewing your current approach
  • Implementing a hedging strategy can lead to certain cashflows and minimize margin erosion
  • Hedging is not all or nothing –can do both / be dynamic
  • You don’t need to be a FX expert – but you need to work with someone you trust.